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Storkcraft Sheffield Stages Crib- espresso 2010
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Sheffield Stages Crib
Sheffield Stages Crib Model # 04510-241
1/24/2011 This date is an estimate
I am having a really big issue with the crib that my 1 year old son sleeps in. When he is playing in it after or before sleeping his legs get stuck in the rails! It is not like they get stuck once or twice here or there, but many many times a day. They are getting stuck in the sides so bad that his legs turn blue. In order for me to get his legs out I have to put a lot of lotion on his legs and the rails and slowly work them out. I am so scared that he might end up breaking his leg! I have e-mailed the crib company about my concerns and the reply I got was the following; "We recognize and appreciate your concerns regarding your son’s leg getting stuck between the railing on the crib sides. As children grow and start to become active they begin to explore their environment which includes their crib.
Please be assured that all Stork Craft cribs, including your Sheffield Stages Crib, meets or exceeds safety standards for both Canadian and United States. Government and Industry standards regulate the design and construction of cribs in Canada and the U.S., these regulatory requirements stipulate, among other things, the dimensions and spacing. The spacing between the spindles in the rails or panels must not be more than 6 cm or 2 3/8 inches. The intent behind the specifications regulated by the standards is to protect infants from life threatening or debilitating injuries such as head entrapment."
I understand that they have to make it to where young ones don't get hurt. But my son is getting hurt! He has bruises on his legs from them getting stuck. I have gone to look at other cribs but I can not afford a new one. What am I suppose to do?
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
My Child
1 years 3 months
I e-mailed the company, and still have this crib.

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