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Product Description
Your child will love this adorable Disney Pixar's Cars the Movie Bed Tent. It fits over most twin beds and can be used while sleeping or playing.

The Disney Pixar's Cars the Movie Bed Tent features:

Fits over most twin beds
Comfortably holds one person
Includes bonus pushlight
Wipe clean with damp cloth
Features Cars design

Item #: 074007
SKU: F891F94D
UPC/EAN/ISBN: 784857434132
Manufacturer #: RK316485
Product Weight:2.1 pounds
Product Dimensions(in inches)16.1 x 8.1 x 3.7

Fits over most twin beds
Comfortably holds one person
Includes bonus pushlight
Wipe clean with damp cloth
Features Cars design

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Idea Nuova, Inc    
Disney Pixar Cars Bed Tent
Item #: 074007
SKU: F891F94D
I originally bought this product (bed tent) for my 7 year old son to give him something fun to sleep in. He was super excited about it. On Wed June 13th 2012 I set it up for him on his bed- I followed the instructions step- by- step. I was a little concerned with how the strap that held the base of the tent in shape where the "doors" open up kind of just stuck up. I messed with the sheets a little to try to hold down this strap so my son wouldn’t get tangled up in it while getting in and out. Once I felt it was safely tucked away within the sheets I had my son start putting his stuffed animals in. He then proceeded to get in the tent with a handful of animals after setting them in there he got out to get more, but on his way out of the tent his foot ended up getting tangled in the strap and he flew forward and straight down on his arm. I had my back turned at the time but I was still in the room with him. I heard one of the most awful sounds in the world- the sound of my son’s bones breaking in half! As his arm hung there crooked within the skin we rushed him to the ER where they had to knock him out and straighten his arm and set it in a temporary cast. Needless to say, he broke both bones in his forearm Tomorrow, June 21 2012 we are hoping that it has begun healing so he can get his permanent cast.

Just a week and a half ago my son learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels; it’s a beautiful summer and he is going to spend all of it in a cast. While I know there are worse things and it’s not the end of the world for him it still breaks my heart he has to go through this. To add insult to injury I have been trying daily since June 14th to get ahold of the makers (Idea Nuova ) of this Disney Pixar Cars bed tent and I have yet to get any reply to the company. I simply want to inform them of the injury their product caused my son but they apparently could care less. I don’t want this or anything worse to happen to anyone else’s kids. There are no warnings or anything on the packaging, there are no suggestions on how to hide the strap that holds the base together.

In conclusion; this product is not safe, I don’t feel the company cares about their customers or the kids. I just want to warn other parents out there how dangerous this is. I understand accidents happen but I don’t think the final result in the construction was very well thought out.

I'm writing through your web site in hopes that someone can get me in touch personally with this company. The phone number I have been calling is [REDACTED] I have been leaving daily messages with their answering service. They tell me they are going to deliver my message and assure me someone will return my call. Like I mentioned earlier it has now been a week and no returned calls- nothing!

This is the hospital report:
Exam: Right wrist, 3 views.
Indication: Trauma.
Findings: There are acute transverse fractures of the mid to distal
ulna and radius with 24 degrees of posterior angulation of the distal
Impression: Fractures of the mid to distal ulna and radius with
posterior angulation.
Slot 64
** Electronically Signed by [REDACTED] on 06/13/2012 at 2254 **
Reported and signed by: [REDACTED]

My name is [REDACTED], I hope to hear from someone very soon!
If you would like to get ahold of me I can be reached at:
phone :[REDACTED]
email is: [REDACTED]
I have pictures of the bed tent, I have Dr documentation, his xrays, my receipt from the purchase of the tent.
Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
My Child
7 years
I have been calling the manufacturer daily since June 13th when this accured. They have not returned any of my calls. I still have the product cause I don't know if I will need any more information from it.
Comment from Idea Nuova, Inc 7/13/2012
Idea Nuova subjects all Children's products to rigorous testing and the item has passed all required Consumer and Industry regulations in accordance with US Consumer Product codes and guidelines. Our goal as an importer and marketing company is to always provide quality products and an enjoyable experience to the Consumer. We are very sorry for the accident that occured and we wish the child a speedy recovery. Idea Nuova scrutinizes all products we make and we will continue to research and review each product to make sure that we are providing the safest products for our consumers.

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