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GRACO Lauren Classic Crib, espresso
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GRACO Lauren Classic Crib, expresso
Graco Lauren Classic Crib, espresso, Model 3251635
Target #1536 (Mansfield, TX)
9/1/2010 This date is an estimate
This is the second occurrence of a child entrapment injury with this same GRACO crib. I filed a prior CPSC report on 2/17/12, including photos, when the first incident occurred and I never received a response from CPSC investigators or the manufacturer. See CPSC report 20120217-BC4A4-2147470080.

On or about 4/23/12 (similar to the 2/17/12 injury) my wife placed our 17 month-old daughter in the GRACO crib for a nap. We generally stopped using the crib after the first injury, but my wife was washing the sheets of the another portable crib that we were using for our daughter, so this crib was the only option. About 5 to 10 minutes later, my wife heard a loud and distinctive scream from our daughter. Our daughter almost never cries or screams, even when she injures herself. This scream was distinctive and left no doubt that our daughter was in extreme pain. My wife ran into our daughter's bedroom and found our daughter trapped in the front rails of the crib. Our daughter's leg was pinned between the wooden rails and her body was twisted, trapping her in such a position that her neck was twisted. The screams became muffled as our daughter's airway closed off, beginning to suffocate her. My wife worked frantically to dislodge our daughter from the rails, but she described the process as "very difficult" to dislodge our daughter.

Again, our daughter suffered deep bruising on the area of her leg that was trapped, along with swelling and pain. Fortunately, my wife was nearby and was able to dislodge our daughter before she became unconscious from her neck being trapped in a twisted position.

I do not believe the CPSC, GRACO, or LAJOBI (the manufacturer) have taken appropriate steps to prevent these serious entrapment injuries.

On 6/26/12, I phoned GRACO and notified them of the two injuries associated with this model crib, knowing that many other children must be suffering similar or more serious injuries. I have now disassembled the crib completely and will no longer use it. THIS CRIB DESIGN IS UNSAFE AND HAS INJURED MY ONE YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER TWICE. GRACO was entirely uninterested in investigating or correcting the hazard, and they refused to offer replacement or refund money for the crib during my phone conversation. GRACO directed me to contact the manufacturer, LAJOBI.

LAJOBI showed even less interest in doing anything, while admitting that they receive a high volume of calls regarding children being injured by these cribs. The LAJOBI representative I phoned blamed the CPSC, explaining that LAJOBI crib rails are designed from CPSC standards and until the CPSC changes those standards they will continue to market and sell these cribs. LAJOBI said they will not replace any cribs or refund any money, citing the CPSC standards.

I told the LAJOBI representative that it seemed odd that a manufacturer would knowingly continue to sell a product that is injuring a high number of children, and again she explained that it was the CPSC's fault, not theirs. She said the CPSC was aware of the injures and has failed to changed the standards, so there is nothing the manufacturers will do.

Based on my initial investigation, there is plenty of liability to spread around (between GRACO, LAJOBI, and CPSC) and finger-pointing, but everyone is missing this goal of protecting our children - - very odd, since all the parties involved have children as their primary responsibility.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
My Child
1 years 5 months
GRACO and LAJOBI (manufacturer) are completely uninterested in the injuries associated with this crib. I contacted GRACO and LAJOBI, and they simply do not care; they blame the CPSC for not stopping them.

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