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Swing-Arm Wall Lamp, Item #0222543, Model #30426, polished nickel finish.
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Indoor Lighting
Floor Lamps or Table Lamps, Electric (Excl Halogen) (4071)
LF, LLC    
Allen + Roth
Item #0222543, Model #30426
Lowe's Home Improvement Stores
New York
While attempting to insert a compact florescent light bulb into a new Allen + Roth Swing-Arm Wall Lamp, model 30426, the threaded insert portion of the light socket detached from the socket. It was held into place by a single small rivet, and the material used for the threaded insert is thin and ductile. It appears that the torque of inserting the bulb can be sufficient to rip the insert off of the rivet. When this occurs, the insert can touch the hot contact at the bottom of the socket, causing sparks and a short-circuit. This could pose a fire risk, and a shock risk to the consumer.
Incident, No Injury
40 years
Product cord was shortened per manufacturer's instructions. The fixture itself was not touched.

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