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Million Dollar Baby "Kalani" crib and full size bed conversion kit
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Million dollar baby
5/1/2008 This date is an estimate
My son has the Million Dollar Baby crib "kalani" with the full size bed conversion kit. The bed rails are designed such that there is a 1 inch deep lip for the mattress and box springs to rest down into. The problem is that a full sized bed requires three 1x4 bed slats, and once the slats are in the boxspring no longer rests within the bedrails. It slides all around. One morning recently when my 4 year old was getting out of bed, because the boxspring had slid about a foot off the frame, he got caught completely between the bedrails and the boxspring. Prior to this on numerous occasions he has gotten his foot stuck the same way. Also, on one occasion, the mattress had slid so far off the bedframe, unbeknownst to us, that when my husband went to sit on the corner of the bed to read a bedtime story, that the mattress pivoted up in the air like a seesaw, nearly launching my son off the bed! I have contacted Million Dollar Baby on numerous occasions to try to report/resove this and they initially told me that the rails didn't require slats and weren't designed to used them, and when I told them that the mattress warranty required them, they changed their story to "you must have the bed assembled incorrectly." So I sent them pictures that the bed was assembled the only way that it will go. They then said that the slats must be sitting ontop of the rails rather than resting within them, which is not true. They have since closed the complaint without resolving it. I have been very lucky that my son has not been injured worse than the few cuts, scrapes, and bruises. I feel that I shouldn't have to check his bed every morning and evening to make sure he isn't going to get hurt, and neither should other parents.

If desired, I can copy you on all of the emails that have been sent regarding this issue.

Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
My Child
4 years
I still have it and tried to get MDB to resolve the issue, but they rather play the blame game.
Comment from MILLION DOLLAR BABY 8/23/2012
[REDACTED] reported this incident on the Better Business Bureau on 07/30/2012, and here was our reply at that time –
“The DaVinci Full-Size Conversion Kit does not come with or requires slats/cross bars. Our Full-Size Conversion Kit is designed for the standard size box spring to sit directly on the bedrails. We have sold this item for several years now and have not had any problems. Our Full-Size Conversion Kit is in full compliant to the bed rails safety standard. Based on our understanding from several conversations we had with The consumer and from the pictures that she forwarded to us, The consumer purchased a box spring from a mattress manufacturer who specifically requires slats as support in order to honor their mattress’s warranty. Therefore, The consumer purchased wooden slats on her own and placed them on top of our bedrails (not on the lip of the bed rail), and then put her box spring on top of the slats. The placements of these slats and the box spring are not what our bedrails were designed for. Thus, this incorrect use of our bedrails created a gap between the bedrails and the box spring. We tried our best to explain to her that per the design of our bedrails, it is not necessary to use slats. We are truly sorry to hear that her son is injured. Unfortunately, at this point, we are not able to provide her with any slats that would fit with our bedrails and we do not have a style of bedrails that come with slats. As a wholesaler that did not have a direct monetary transaction with The consumer, for her to get a full refund of the bedrails, she needs to request this from the retailer that she purchased the item from. If we can assist in any other way to resolve this issue, we will be more than happy to do so.”

After that, we had continued to communicate with [REDACTED] hoping to solve the problem as we do not want to leave any of our customers unsatisfied. Our Customer Service Team Lead contacted [REDACTED] on 08/02/2012 and had decided to offer her a full refund on the Full-Size Conversion Kit AND the Kalani crib at the original retail price. We have not heard back from her since. Our Product Development is also aware of this and will definitely take this into consideration for our future products.

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