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Black and Decker White Spacemaker Coffeemaker Model #SDC740
Electric Coffee Makers or Teapots (217)
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Spacemaker Coffeemaker
SDC 740
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6/27/2011 This date is an estimate
I own a Black and Decker Spacemaker White coffeemaker, Model #SDC740, on several occasions for no reason I will make the coffee and walk off, or set it to come on automatic in the morning and come back to the coffee grounds and hot water coming from the basket area and not going in to the pot but flowing all over the counter top. This has happened approximately 12-13 times over the last year that we have owned the coffee maker. We assumed we had done something wrong. Both my husband and I have made the coffee and had this happen. It makes a gigantic mess and coffee grounds go all down behind the counters and our white refrigerator. The most recent time the coffee grounds went into the surge protector that we have all of our spacemaker appliances plugged in to. So as a result of this coffee maker overflowing from the filter basket it has burnt out our toaster oven, coffee pot and grinder. All 3 appliances do not work now and I spent over $250 on these Spacemaker appliances. Again, I assumed that I had done something wrong, although for the life of me, neither myself nor my husband could figure out what that might be. We always fixed the coffee to come on the evening before or that morning, always in the same manner and some mornings we would wake up to a lovely surprise of hot water and coffee grounds all over the granite countertops, tile floors and down the white refrigerator, not to mention inside tiny holes in the white coffee maker that it took forever to clean up, requiring a [REDACTED] and about 50 towels that than had to be washed. The thing that caught my attention the last time it happened is it smelt like the house was on fire. The coffee grounds had dripped into the surge protector (which is now black in the areas the appliances were plugged in), I assume than burning out all of the appliances connected into the surge protector (the spacemaker toaster oven and coffee bean grinder). So, I went on the internet to search for new appliances, not at all thrilled that all of our appliances were ruined and found that Black and Decker had a recall in 2009 for a different model coffee maker with a very similar problem. I would like for B&D to look into if it is possible that my model coffeemaker (SDC 740) could have the same problem with the basket shifting as the Consumer Release #09-252. If so, I would appreciate it if Black and Decker would replace my Spacemaker Coffee maker, Toaster Oven and Coffee Grinder with a different model that actually works, as it seems that all of the time and energy I have wasted cleaning up these huge messes in the mornings when I am in the biggest hurry is due to a faulty appliance and not human error! Furthermore, had we not had our appliances plugged into a surge protector, our house would have caught on fire while we were sleeping and possibly burned the house down. I would highly recommend that Black and Decker recall this product for this reason, all it would take is one other SDC 740 to have the same problem and be plugged into an outlet near the coffeemaker and someone could very easily die in a house fire while they sleep awaiting there fresh coffee to be made upon them waking up. Again, if it happened to a product that they made in 2009 and it happened to me, it is highly likely that this product may be faulty and need to be recalled. My name is [REDACTED] and I can be reached at [REDACTED], my address is [REDACTED].
Incident, No Injury

Incident, No Injury
My Spouse
My next move is to call the Customer Service # of Black and Decker
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1 Coffeemaker (2).jpg Black & Decker Spacemaker Coffeemaker that burnt up
Burnt up surge protector.jpg Fried Surge Protector that Hot water and coffee grounds went in to and fried toaster oven and coffee grinder
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