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Lime green convertible high chair. converts from a high chair to a toddler table and chair
Nursery Equipment & Supplies
High Chairs (1555)
Evenflo Company, Inc.    
Dottie Lime
5/24/2012 This date is an estimate
I own a convertible high chair by evenflo. My son 10 months old. He was eating breakfast and playing in his high chair. He leaned forward against the tray, the tray snaped off and my son landed in the floor. He now has a bruise across his nose as well as a black eye and a busted lip. He is pretty terrified to sit in any high chair now after the incident.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
My Child
0 years 10 months
I still own the product. I was not aware of a recall on the product and I do plan to contact the manufacturer.
Comment from Evenflo Company, Inc. 8/30/2012
This consumer reported to the CPSC and Evenflo that her ten-month-old child fell from an Evenflo® Convertible High Chair when the tray inadvertently detached. The consumer also told Evenflo that her child was not restrained by the high chair’s internal harness when the incident occurred, which is contrary to product instructions. The child sustained some facial bruising and bit his lip as a result. The Convertible high chair meets the stability requirements of the ASTM high chair safety standard and the internal restraint meets the retention requirements of that standard, as verified by an independent testing laboratory. If this consumer had used the internal harness at the time of the incident, the fall most likely could have been avoided.

Convertible high chairs with model numbers beginning with “2911” were the subject of a recall announced on June 5, 2012, for tray detachment issues like the one described by this consumer. Evenflo has made arrangements to provide this consumer with the approved remedy kit of a replacement tray. The remedy kit is available to all consumers who have registered their Convertible high chairs with the company. Evenflo encourages consumers to register for an approved remedy kit at 800-233-5921 or on the internet at

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