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Maytag Dishwasher Model Number: MDB6601AWW; Serial Number: 37240735NA
Dishwashers (214)
Grant's Appliances
Maytag Customer Service
553 Benson Road
Benton Harbor, MI
Monday, August 13, 2012

Dear Sirs:

This is to advise you of a potential fire that was caused by your Maytag Dishwasher Model Number: MDB6601AWW; Serial Number: 37240735NA, that was purchased on April 04, 2008 from Grants Appliances, Electronics and More in Joliet, Illinois.

Two months ago I noticed a strong odor of something electrical burning (smelled like burning hair). As I am handicapped and cannot kneel down or bend over, I was unable to determine the source of the odor. I simply stopped using your dishwasher until my son was able to come over last night and look at the dishwasher to see where the problem might have been.

We were quite shocked by what he found when he pulled the dishwasher out and went to undo the electrical connection.

The photos can speak better than my words.

My son-in-law is the [REDACTED] with the fire prevention bureau of the Pleasantview Fire Protection District in La Grange Highlands, Illinois.

He looked at the burned parts and told us that we were very lucky that we still have a home to live in. Luckily, I did not use the dishwasher after discovering the odor.

Since owning this dishwasher, we have had to replace the handle and door latch on or about March 19, 2010, and have had a previous recall kit installed on or about June 08, 2010 by Nite Owl Appliance Repairs, Joliet Illinois….who used Recall Kit: W10327037 per your recall instructions.

This problem presented a hazard that could very well have resulted in a fire in my home.

As this dishwasher was purchased in 2008, I know that it is out of warranty.

With the recent [REDACTED] Dishwasher recall, we wondered whether this dishwasher might have the same problem.

After reading the material available on the [REDACTED] dishwasher recall, we can see that it is not the same problem; however, the problem with our dishwasher would have caused a fire had we had continued to use it.

I decided to write to you rather than calling because the photos would be difficult if not impossible to describe over the phone.

Perhaps you could issue a similar recall with this make and model of dishwasher before someone suffers a preventable tragedy.
Incident, No Injury
See Narrative - Latch replaced,& Recall modification completed

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