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GE over the range microwave Model JVM1850DM2BB
Microwave Ovens (264)
GE Appliances & Lighting    
November, 2007 
GE OTR/Built-in microwave Model JVM1850DM2BB Serial No. VM900163B
Exterior glass on door of microwave is either faulty or designed poorly - glass inside door has exposed edge and open. I tapped edge of glass when door was open with ceramic bowl and heard loud crack. I was sprayed with glass bits, pieces hit my eyeglasses, chest, went down my shirt and flew across my kitchen floor. I have approx.5 oz.of glass bits that were sprayed out from the glass door. For 15 mins. approx.after incident the glass continued to pop, crack and fragment across face of glass spraying glass powder down onto top of my stove/range. To protect myself and my home, I wrapped the front of the glass and edge with duct tape.
This cannot be a safe design and/or this glass was faulty. As I shopped for a replacement microwave I noticed that many of the leading brands on the market (all of them displayed at local Sears) do not have a protective bracket around the edge of the glass that fits in the front door. That means that the glass is exposed near the handle - a high traffic 'area'. I do not believe that these product lines as designed are safe.
Incident, No Injury
I have microwave in garage. I contacted GE by letter, email and phone call.
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  • 10/15/2012
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  • 20120821-196FA-1267566
Incident Description: I am writing to inform you of a possibly dangerous condition/engineered design of the above GE microwave and the non-response from GE to my prior communications regarding the above. Specifically, the exterior glass on the door of the microwave is either ... (More)
Product: Microwave Ovens (264)
Product Description: GE OTR/Built-in Microwave
Injury Info: Injury, Level of care not known
Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: GE Appliances & Lighting

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