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Vacuum Cleaner
Eureka AirSpeed AS1000A
upright Vacuum
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Eureka AirSpeed AS1000A
Purchased a Eureka AS1000A Upright vacuum cleaner from Walmart.

After less than a week of using the vacuum, I tried to use attachments, and attempted to lift the vacuum to get wand to higher area to use on top of chair and drapes. The vacuum was extremely hot to the touch around the bottom front, and when I lifted it a bit to reach the higher area, the bottom of the vacuum burned a hole in my upholstery. I filed a complain with Eureka/Electrolux customer service and was told that the following Warning is in product manual:

• Do not place vacuum cleaner on furniture or stairs as the brush roll may cause damage. Use
extra care when cleaning stairs. Place vacuum cleaner on floor with the handle in storage
position while using attachments.

This is very helpful information.However, having a product that can easily burn your skin and furniture poses a hazard and danger. This is not acceptable, and a product recall should be considered. Elderly individuals and children can be easily burned by this vacuum.

Company claims that I did not use it as intended/recommended. A child putting through their head through crib slats that are too wide, is also unintended use.

I would like the CPSC to look into this particular product to ensure all precautions are in place to avoid injury to children and others due to the design flaw of the spinning brush continuing to spin
and getting extremely hot while using attachments.
Incident, No Injury
51 years
filed a complaint w/ Eureka. See their response in my complaint

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