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IKEA Antilop high chair with detachable tray (red chair with white tray)
Nursery Equipment & Supplies
High Chairs (1555)
IKEA North America Services, LLC    
North Carolina
4/1/2010 This date is an estimate
I have already notified IKEA about an accident I had with one of its Antilop high chairs with tray.

When feeding my son yesterday, I rested my elbows on the tray attached to my IKEA Antilop high chair, and the tray popped off hitting me violently in the face and slicing my nose by the small pointed (and very sharp) piece that hooks the tray into the high chair itself. I do know that there was already a recall on these high chairs for an unrelated issue, and I am appalled to learn the hard way of this newest safety concern. I am so very thankful that my child was not injured -- it could have been a grave injury to someone so little, including a very serious eye injury that could have blinded him based on where it hit me.
This is a serious matter, that I sincerely hope will get the attention it deserves before a child is maimed, or worse.

Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
37 years
I still have it for evidence; although I won't ever feel safe using it again. I emailed IKEA already with a detailed explanation and the same photos.
Comment from IKEA North America Services, LLC 9/7/2012
Thank you for the information. We understand that you have contacted IKEA previously. IKEA Customer Service will contact you shortly.
File NameDescription
IKEA Antilop Tray with what hit face.jpg Portion of tray that hit and cut my nose
IKEA injury photo#1_redact.jpg Photo of cut nose
IKEA injury photo#2_redact.jpg Photo of cut nose

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