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Fisher Price Rock N Play sleeper
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Fisher Price
Every morning my 5 month old daughter wakes up crying after sleeping all through the night. She is a reflux baby so she naps and sleeps in her Rock N Play (made by Fisher-Price). She is always buckled in when in the Rock N Play for safety purposes. When I heard her crying this morning, I went into her bedroom and was shocked and terrified at what I saw. I frantically rushed to the Rock N Play to untangle my 5 month old daughter who had fallen out of the sleeper but had her leg tangled in the safety restraint. The restraint had cut off the circulation to her left leg from her knee down. She was hanging upside down and her head was barely touching the ground so the restraint really had a tight grip on her calf. Based off of the coloring in her cheeks, she had not been hanging upside down very long, but for this to happen at all is a nightmare! I am saddened that I trusted this product yet it led me to find the horrific sight of my infant daughter hanging upside down. I am just beside myself and so is she. She has clung to me all day and wakes up from her naps frightened. Recall this product now before something worse happens than a strawberry and a burn on her leg from her trying to get loose. This was the scariest day of my life thanks to Fisher-Price's Rock N Play sleeper.
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