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Ott table lamp - contained original bulb provided w/ lamp.
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frontgate but not sure
12/1/2006 This date is an estimate
I've had, for 6-7 years, an Ott table lamp w/ the original CFC bulb in it. The lamp is very rarely used, as it's in a guest bedroom. Yesterday, I was in that BR and noticed the seam on the lampshade was askew, so I turned the shade to straighten it. Please note that the lamp was OFF and I had not turned it on at all during the time I was in that room. As I was going out the door, maybe 5-10 secs later, there was an huge popping sound. Scared the you know what out of me, and when I turned around, there was glass everywhere. In the bed, all over the pillows and bedding, imbedded in the carpet... and the shards of glass sprayed out over at least 4' of space. What a freakin' mess - words don't do it justice. It took me hours, literally, to clean everything up and I'm still not sure I've gotten all the small pieces of glass out of the carpet. I actually threw out the comforter b/c I was concerned that I'd never properly be able to get the imbedded glass out of it. More importantly, I shudder to think what might have happened had this occurred while someone was in the bed. When I look at the lamp, there is not one iota of glass left in the fixture - just the ring that contained said bulb. I emailed Ott, shortly after the event, and explained to them what happened and inquired as to whether there was a recall on the product (meaning the lamp) and the reply I rec'd was: "Hello [REDACTED], I apologize for the issue with the bulb, however has never been a recall on that bulb. Best Regards, [REDACTED] | Customer Service Representative
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Incident, No Injury
58 years
contacted Ott Lites and it responded by saying no recall issued for the bulb.
Comment from OTTLITE TECHNOLOGIES 10/16/2012
OttLite Technoligies Ins. follows the requirements of the CPSC. Therefore, in order to provide an in-depth customer complaint analysis retrival of suspect product is required. Provided pictures does not provide the required information needed for proper incident investigation. However, OttLite will provide a response letter to CPSC report via electronic email to Clearinghouse email address.
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L1010672.JPG center ring of fixture where light had been connected
L1010685.JPG label off light

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