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Beautyrest Rogers and Beautyrest Black Kameryn mattresses sold by Macys

First Model (Now being closed out)
Manufacturer - Simmons
Brand Name - Beautyrest Elite
Model Name (number) - Rogers

Second Model

Manufacturer - Simmons
Brand Name - Beautyrest Black
Model Name (number) - Kameryn

Given that the Rogers mattress is being closed out, it would be best to list this complaint under the Kameryn Model.
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Bedroom, Bedding & Bath
Nonbaby Mattresses (4009)
Beautyrest Black
In August of 2012 we ordered a Simmons Rogers Beautyrest mattress from Macy’s, and immediately it was delivered to our house we noticed a sweet pungent chemical smell that filled the whole room. We aired out the mattress during the day hoping that the smell would go away but it did not and in fact it spread throughout the house. My wife and daughter then started noticing eye irritation and sore throats even though we were in another room. When I tried to sleep on the mattress that night I awoke in the middle of the night with a bad headache at which point I gave up trying to sleep on the mattress. After contacting Macy’s and the manufacturer, we were told that the smell should go away after airing. Several people told us different timeframes ranging from 3 days to two weeks. After one week we contacted the manufacture and were told that it was probably due to “uncured foam” in the mattress, and they agreed to replace the mattress. This time we chose a Simmons Beautyrest Black Kameryn model, but when it was delivered it had exactly the same problem. After a week of airing it out with a fan blowing on it we gave up and returned this mattress as well.

We found that we were not able to use the mattresses to sleep on. Much worse, we were very concerned about what chemicals were causing the eye and throat irritation and headaches, and whether these chemicals were harmful. We repeatedly asked Simmons what chemicals were causing the smell, but they would not answer the question. I offered to have someone from their company come to our house to look at the problem, but they were not interested. We did some of our own research and found that one of the ingredients used in making the foams in the mattresses are diisocyanates. On looking at the MSDS for diisocyanates, they are described as having a sweet aromatic smell and are known to cause eye and throat irritation and headaches. They are also described as highly toxic. We have no way of knowing exactly what was causing the problem with these mattresses, but it would seem that one possibility is that excess diisocyanates were left in the foam and were off-gassing. This possibility would seem to be a significant safety concern.

Simmons claims that their foams have been certified by a group called CertiPUR, and one of the substances they test for are diisocyanates. However, on the CertiPUR website they state that their testing frequency is only twice a year. The CertiPUR certification says nothing about the foam produced for the rest of the year, does not address the issue of manufacturing consistency and says nothing about the foam in your mattress. Additionally, the certification refers only to the foam – not the end product that probably contains all sorts of other things that emit chemicals such as glues.

In the absence of the willingness of the manufacturer to properly address these issues, it seems that a safety organization should. After all, someone who is sleeping on these mattresses is breathing these chemicals for some eight hours a day at close quarters.
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Manufacturer exchanged product - same problem
Comment from SIMMONS BEDDING COMPANY 10/17/2012
Simmons Bedding Company has been in business for over 130 years and is one of the world's largest mattress manufacturers, manufacturing and marketing a broad range of mattresses and foundations, under famous brands such as Beautyrest®, Beautyrest Black®, Beautyrest NxG®, and ComforPedic by Simmons™. Throughout our history we have been committed to producing innovative, high quality bedding products and we remain dedicated to ensuring that each of our products meets or exceeds all applicable safety and health standards.

All of the polyurethane foams used in our mattresses have been certified by CertiPUR-US®, which verifies that the foams are low-VOC and free from ozone-depleting CFCs. The certified foam products are made without PBDE fire retardants, lead, mercury, formaldehyde, prohibited phthalates and other potentially harmful materials. Simmons, as the manufacturer, does not spray chemicals on our mattresses/foundations in order to meet federal flammability requirements.

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