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Carter's Infant Bouncer Seat. 2008. The William Carter Company. Manufactured by Summer Infant Inc. Animal print with blue, green, brown, and red circles. Blue elephant, green giraffe. Brown border.
Nursery Equipment & Supplies
Baby Bouncer Seats (Excl. Jumpers) (1558)
Summer Infant    
Babies R Us
1/21/2009 This date is an estimate
I strapped my 7 month old son into the Carter's Infant Bouncer Seat and set it at waist height on the dining room table to make it easier to feed him solids. After I was done feeding him, I picked him up in the infant seat (still strapped in), and went to move him to the floor. As I was moving him, and the seat was just below waist height, the infant seat collapsed. I lost my handling of the seat, and my son , along with the seat, fell to the floor. His upper body was not secured (there are no shoulder straps on the seat), and he hit the left side of his head on the hardwood floor. I picked him up immediately and after assessing his condition, I called the Seattle Children's Hospital Nurse Line. The nurse instructed me to get him to the emergency room immediately. My son suffered a skull fracture and internal bleed. He was in the ICU for two nights, and released on the third day.
Injury→Injury, Hospital Admission
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0 years 7 months
I plan to keep the product until further notice. I plan to contact the manufacturer today.

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