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Grill Cleaning Brush
Home Maintenance and Structures
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Manual Cleaning Equipment (Excl. Buckets and Pails) (480)
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Backyard Grill
8/15/2012 This date is an estimate
After cleaning my grill grates approx. Nov 8th or 9th, I grilled a London Broil. Ate London Broil on Nov. 8th or 9th with family at dinner time. Stomach and abdomen had severe stabbing pain next day. waited for pain to go away but it did not. went to see family doctir who took an x-ray and saw nothing. He gave me a prescription to help ease stomach pain. Did not work. Pain returned. Went to the ER Nov. 11, 2012, Sunday morning. They took 2 CAT scans. Film and report stated metallic pin or object lodged in small intestines, poking through somewhat- hung up. Admitted for surgery. 8 days in hospital. Surgeon removed wire bristle and later told me the hospital pathologist had it and it did look like it came from a grill cleaning brush. Wife checked out grill later and found several wire bristles stuck to the grill grates. She also picked off loose bristles from the brush. We still have the grill brush.
Injury→Injury, Hospital Admission
59 years

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