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2/21/2012 This date is an estimate
The consumer purchased a 2 inch high, gel foam mattress accessory at the beginning of the year. Consumer stated that within 6 weeks of using the gel foam accessory she started to experience an allergic reaction. There was a chemical-like odor that emitted from the pad when it was first purchased, but it died down after the consumer allowed it to air out. Directions said air out for 2 days, they aired out 5 days because odor was so strong.

Consumer started having a sore throat and her eyes were blood red. Consumer saw her Doctor in June, he informed her that it was just allergies. Consumer changed bedding, soaps, shampoos, pillows and her symptoms still worsen. Consumer then tried sleeping on the couch and the symptoms started to get better. we also purchased sleep number which also has flame retardant.

Consumer started to sleep on the accessory and the symptoms began to flare again. So the consumer concluded that while away from the product the symptoms decreased.

Consumer saw regular doctor on Aug. 21, 2012. Consumer decided to see a specialist 8/29, 2012, 9/12/2012 and 10/17/2012, where she was given medications to treat the problems.

Consumer stated gel foam is only used on her side of the bed, and her husband is not having same issues.

Consumer still has product and has not contacted manufacturer as of yet on back of sheet

UPDATE: We contacted Sleep Number and they graciously said we could return bed, but that all beds now (I believe as of 2007) are treated with flame retardant. So we figured a new bed would also cause the same problems. Besides we liked the bed except for making me sick. Soft on my side, hard on my husband's side. We wouldn't be able to have that feature on another bed. They said we couldn't buy a bed without the flame retardant, it would be against the law. So, we wrapped all the foam components of the bed in plastic also wrapped all the gel foam mattress pad in plastic and then sealed everything into a plastic mattress cover. I'm happy to say, my eyes have 99% cleared up and am expecting the other 1% shortly. The bed though is hotter now, with all the plastic so I put a quilt on the top of plastic mattress pad, then a 1" cotton mattress pad and then fitted bottom sheet. This seems to work. Eyes clear, throat doesn't hurt and sleeping through the night.
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62 years
Consumer has product and will contact company,.
Comment from Select Comfort Corporation 3/4/2013
February 28, 2013

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
4330 East West Highway, Room 504
Bethesda, MD 20814

Report No: 20121204-1BB76-1288328
Consumer: Ms. [REDACTED] ****

Dear Commission:

Please allow this letter to serve as the response of Select Comfort Corporation (“Select Comfort”) to the above-referenced incident report. Select Comfort is one on the nation’s leading bed manufacturers and retailers. We design, manufacture, market and distribute premium quality, adjustable-firmness beds and other sleep-related accessory products. We appreciate the opportunity to respond to Ms. ****’s concerns.

Ms. ****’s concern relates to the urethane foam used in the manufacture of most mattresses, some bedding and many other upholstered products on the market including some of the sleep-related products we sell as well as in our Sleep Number® beds. The nature of the composition of the products we sell is detailed in the product labels required by state and federal law to be attached to each of these products. In the case of products which contain urethane foam, the law tag clearly identifies this component as well as the percentage of such foam that the product contains. The terms “urethane foam”, “polyurethane foam” are acceptable National Uniform Descriptions (NUDs) established by the International Association of Bedding and Furniture Law Officials (“IABFLO”) and meets the various state and federal labeling requirements. The terms are synonymous for labeling purposes. In this regards, Select Comfort has complied with its labeling obligations under state and federal law.

As Ms. **** may appreciate, urethane foam suppliers view their “recipes” for manufacturing foam as confidential and proprietary information. As such and by virtue of our supply agreements with these manufacturers, we are unable to disclose the precise “ingredients” in the recipe beyond the acceptable “polyurethane foam” disclosure contained on the aforementioned law labels.

Fully reacted polyurethane polymer is chemically inert. While Ms. **** may have experienced a particular idiosyncratic reaction to urethane generally, this would be no different to a consumer experiencing an allergy to any other product lawfully available in the marketplace. Given the omnipresence of urethane foams in many household products, it is also possible that Ms. **** is experiencing an issue which is originating from another source.

In regards to Ms. ****’s concern on flame-retardant (FR) products, Select Comfort ensures continued compliance with federal FR standards by periodically completing an internal auditing and testing program. We also continue to work closely with our suppliers to confirm the safety, quality and compliance of all materials used in our beds.

In any case, we encourage our customers to contact us with regard to these kinds of issues and are committed to maintaining the highest standards in customer satisfaction. We are certainly happy to discuss other possible options for Ms. **** that involve products which do not contain urethane foam and/or authorize a return for refund of the purchased products.

CPSC does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of the Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database on, particularly with respect to information submitted by people outside of CPSC.