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The product is a 32 oz bottle of Diamond Brand Natural Fire Starter Gel, which is an ethanol based fuel gel. The product is red in color and manufactured by Packaging Service Co., Inc. (Pearland, TX) on behalf of Hearthmark, LLC, d/b/a Jarden Home Brands which markets the product under its Diamond brand. This product is similar to the fuel gels which are used in Fire Pots and have been recalled by the CPSC.
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Natural Fire Starter Gel
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On the morning of July 16, 2012, the female consumer was burning trash in a fifty-gallon drum her family uses to burn trash items. It was early in the morning and the dew was still on the ground. The consumer started the fire without using any accelerant, but a bottle of Diamond Brand Natural Fire Starter Gel was sitting in a plastic bucket on the ground roughly four to five feet away from the fifty-gallon drum. Diamond Brand Natural Fire Starter Gel is an ethanol based fire starter with a gelling agent added to make it a thicker and more viscous gel. This fuel gel product is similar, if not identical, to the fuel gel used with the fire pot products which have been recalled by the CPSC.
After the fire had started, something in the burn barrel “popped” causing debris and hot coals to scatter into the air. It is believed that a hot coal or other fire remnant landed on or near the bottle of Diamond Brand Natural Fire Stater Gel, causing the bottle to explode upon the consumers’ body. The flaming, napalm-like gel adhered to the consumers’ body; melting her skin and causing severe burns over the majority of her body, limbs, and face. Because the product was a gel, the flames were not easily extinguished. The consumer was flown via [REDACTED] to the nearest burn unit for treatment. She spent several months in the burn unit and barely survived the ordeal. She is still receiving treatment and remains severely scarred from her burns.
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Comment from Hearthmark, LLC d/b/a Jarden Home Brands 1/7/2013
Hearthmark, LLC d/b/a Jarden Home Brands encourages consumers with any concerns or questions about our products to contact us directly at Information from our consumers allows us to continually monitor our products' performance.
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