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Tall bookcase
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Mainstays 30" x 70" bookcase
Hi, I purchased a Mainstays 30" x 70" self assemble bookcase from Walmart. Below is what I will send to them about this product. I do believe it is very unsafe and you should check into this.

I have assembled many pieces of furniture in my life as I live far enough out of town to have very high delivery fees and often purchase self assemble items instead. This includes a number of desks, file cabinets, TV stand, and a free standing coat closet among other items. I will have to say your bookcase takes the cake. They are so cheaply made; I could not believe the Consumer Safety folks even let you sell it. I won’t mention how pitiful the instructions were.

Your pressboard is so cheap, that when you screw in a cam bolt the board crumbles around the bolt. Do you realize that this very cheap pressboard is basically held together by only one cam lock and bolt for each self end? And that the cam locks are actually PLASTIC painted shinny silver to look like metal? I know this only because two of my cam locks broke during assembly. Many of your predrilled holes were not lined up.

I am totally surprised Walmart, a store that gears to families with children, sells this item. I would have great safety concerns to purchase anything with this brand name again.

During assembly, many compression dowels broke in half with no way to get them out of the particle board to replace them. One can not even stand the basic frame up to get better leverage to lock the cams as it was so flimsy; and this is made to hold books? Your instructions say it may collapse if you do not use the back panel. I would bet money it WILL (not ‘may’) collapse without the back panel. I could not even believe how flimsy it is just laying on the floor much less standing up. The back panel is folded cardboard, which would not lay flat to attach neatly to the back of the unit. This bookcase is basically cheap pressboard held together by plastic and cardboard.

I have finished assembling it and realize this bookcase will not be safe without securing it to a wall with the loop attached to the top shelf. I doubt it is safe even with doing that much. I was planning to put this in front of a rock wall that has no way to attach a loop to it. So now I am stuck with a huge bookcase I am afraid will tip over any minute that I cannot use for books as it is too flimsy. I cannot return it because I can’t even move it or disassemble it without tearing it up. What a waste of my money!

This piece has huge safety concerns. Any child even leaning on this book case will make it fall. You guys really should have some time of quality control! I am totally surprised in my 55 years as a consumer to see anything like this piece of rubbish and such an unsafe item sold at a store.
Incident, No Injury
55 years
Comment from Walmart Stores Inc. 12/26/2012
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