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Bright Starts Silly Sounds Safari Rattle. It is a round teething rattle with a monkey and rings on it. It plays music. The holes where the speaker is are dangerous for an infant to chew on. The holes cut my infants gums.
Nursery Equipment & Supplies
Pacifiers or Teething Rings (1525)
Bright Starts
Silly Sounds Safari Rattle Model #9206
Wal Mart
My 3 1/2 month old began chewing on her new Bright Starts Silly Sounds Safari Rattle teether and it cut the upper gum in her mouth. This rattle plays music and the speaker area is there are a bunch of holes cut in the plastic to allow the sound to come out. On my rattle the holes were all sharp edges, not smooth at all, which resulted in my infant being injured by this toy. The area of gum that was cut was the little piece of gum that hangs down between the top center two teeth. The holes are perfect size for that little piece of gum to get stuck in the holes on the toy and cut the gum.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
My Child
0 years 3 months
They sent me a Fed Ex label to ship the rattle back and they sent me 2 new toys to replace it. I want it recalled so that no other infants can be injured.
File NameDescription
DSCN8998.JPG Here is a picture of the rattle and the bloody wash cloth I used to clean up my infant
DSCN9289.JPG This photo shows the little piece of gum that will be between the front two teeth that was injured by being cut on the speaker holes on the toy

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