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Kenmore Ultrabake Smoothtop Electric Range
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Sears Holdings Management Corporation    
Re: Kenmore Ultrabake Smoothtop Electric Range
Model No.: 92002102
Serial No.: RN0226865

I am writing to request repair or replacement action on the above range. It was purchased new on
2/2/2003. This first unit delivered 2/6/2003 was refused because of visible damage. The second
unit was accepted on 2/11/2003. The first service call was the following week, 2/22/2003. The
first service person could not repair the range so a second person showed up on 3/6/2003 and
replaced the control board for the oven control. The range worked fine for several years.

After several years the top burners started heating in an uncontrolled way; sometimes seemingly
turning themselves off and sometimes heating at the highest level even when set on low. The most
recent problem occurred on 11/4/2012. While baking a chicken at 350 degrees F and with about
20 minutes more to cook the food began to burn and the juices in the pan popping and sizzling. We
opened the oven door and found the broiler on full blast even though it was not programmed to be
on. We removed the chicken and cancelled the cook cycle. The oven element went off and the
broiler element stayed on.

I have 35 years of experience in safety electronics so knew my next step would be to try and reset
the control unit. I turned off the power at the circuit breaker, waited two minutes and then
repowered the unit. The broiler came back on but would not shut off at the control panel. I tried
resetting the unit one more time by shutting off the power at the circuit breaker for five minutes
with the same results; the broiler would not shut off with the control panel. I turned the power off
for the night for safety and again retried it the next morning with the same result; the broiler would
not shut off with the control panel. In order to at least be able cook some food I have removed the
broiler element and the control panel seems to be operating the baking element satisfactorily.
However, this is not a solution.

After checking the Internet I’ve found many postings of people with the identical problems I’ve
detailed (a very recent posting is on but no recall has been made for this model
or serial number. Thankfully we were inside when this unit malfunctioned or it could have burned
down the house! If we were sleeping and the unit turned itself on (which some of the Internet
postings have detailed) we could be dead! Is Kenmore waiting for people to die before they
remedy this defective and dangerous unit?

I will forward this letter to as many consumer protection groups as I can for their review and,
hopefully, positive action. In the meantime I will keep my copy and records off-site, not at home in
case the stove burns the house down!
Incident, No Injury
Comment from Sears Holdings Management Corporation 2/6/2013
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