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20 Ton Shop Press, Item # 32879 sold by Harbor Freight.
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32879, 20 Ton Shop Press
This is in regards to Item #32879, 20 Ton Shop Press produced and sold nationwide by Harbor Freight.

The issue is not with the press itself but with the accessories provided. As part of the purchase, Harbor Freight provides cast iron plates to be used to support items being pressed. These plates will see up to 20 tons of pressure (rated capacity). Cast Iron is a poor material for use in a high pressure application. It has a tendency to shatter sending shards of the plates flying in all directions. I have not personally been injured by this happening however, there are numerous accounts of this happening where individuals were injured available via numerous internet forums.

I am reporting this as a proactive measure to prevent future injuries to others as well as myself. Harbor Freight should recall these plates and replace them with a proper material such as mild/cold rolled steel. Not Cast Iron. I have brought this to the attention of Harbor Freight but am not confident they will respond with appropriate measures.

Incident, No Injury
Still have it. Contacted Harbor Freight with the concern. No action taken by them. This is a proactive notification as I have not been injured by this flaw, yet.

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