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Product is a Morso wood burning stove model 3610, serial No. 092 built in Aug. 2008 at the Morso factory. The stove is of cast iron construction designed to burn solid cord wood up to 24 inches in length.
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The Stove Barn
We own a Morso cast iron wood stove model 3610 serial No. 092. The stove was purchased new from The Stove Barn on 12/19/2009 in Winslow, ME. We are now unable to use the stove due to it being a fire hazard! On Dec. 12, 2012 we observed a crack in the cast iron base of the stove extending from the right side toward the left side. The crack was about an 1/8th of an inch at the right side and proceeded to become smaller as it proceeded to the left. The crack becomes obscured by a metal plate bolted under the stove base at approximately six inches from its beginning at the right side base. Accordingly, We are unable to ascertain how long the crack is at this time.The stove is unsafe to use for two related reasons: first, hot coals could could fall through the crack and possibly cause a fire; second, the crack could continue to open up to the left side of the stove (should we continue to use it) which could cause the entire stove to collapse - again an extreme fire hazard. Should they be needed, we have many photos of the crack and the stove installation.

I have discussed the forgoing matter with a [REDACTED] , proprietor of The Stove Barn (Ph. 207 859 9773). [REDACTED] tells me that he has sold six of the Morso Model 3610 stoves since he has been in business. To date 3 of these six stoves have experienced cracks in their bases - a 50% failure rate Two of these stoves have had their bases replaced by the manufacturer under warrantee - our stove is the third of the three now awaiting a new replacement base (as has been agreed to by the manufacturer) since on or about Dec. 16th, 2012. After recent numerous calls to the manufacturer by [REDACTED], which now go unreturned, we have yet to receive the new replacement base and have accordingly have consumed to date over $800 in #2 heating oil and propane gas in order to stay warm here in sub zero Maine.

Reflecting on this matter I find that I have no confidence in a stove with a replacement base installed performing any more safely or reliably than the original unit (given the 50% failure rate experienced by this local dealer alone - who knows what the failure rate is across the USA - this should be investigated!). Accordingly, I think the the equitable solution to this problem is for Morso to buy back the stove at the original purchase price of $2205 plus damages costs in added fuel expenditures until such date as the funds have cleared in our bank account. As we here are retirees, once we receive the forgoing monies we can then proceed to purchase a new reliable wood burning stove that will provide adequate heat for our home. In the mean time we will continue to accrue costs of at least $250 per week in added heating oil/gas costs plus any attorney fees incurred by us here regarding these matters until such time as this deal is completed. Morso can be reached at:

Thank you for your attention to these matter. We look forward to hearing from you. Our home phone number is [REDACTED] and our email address is: [REDACTED]
Incident, No Injury
Product still in our possession and unable to be used as it is hazardous due to the crack in its cast iron base. Subsequent to delivery at our home the rear heat shield was found damaged. Morso warranteed damages. Morso notified of crack in base.
Comment from Morsø Jernstøberi A/S 3/8/2013
The customer has bought his Mors0 3610 from The Stove Barn, Winslow i Maine, on December 19,
Mors0 Jernst0beri A/S has produced Mors0 3610 since 2001 and we are, in any way, not familiar with
the extent of claims, in this respect. We have only registered a very small quantity of cracked cast iron
base plates corresponding to 0,8 oloo per mille. Something that not at all causes any worries or
amendments on the cast iron part. The 3 stoves in question (cast iron base plates) mentioned in the
report may have been exposed to a very hard treatment during transportation, handling or in connection
with the installation.
In general, Mors0 has, over the years, always paid attention to the reactions of our customers and
handled queries and claims very carefully. If necessary, adjustments or corrections have been made to
rectify the problems.
The security of our stoves has always had highest priority at Mors0. At the same time we have worked
on the value of usability so that the customer gets the best possible experience with the product in the
daily use.
The dealer or customer are to contact Hearthlink International in Vermont directly or Mors0 Jernst0beri
A/S with the intention of settling the matter.
File NameDescription
IMG_0530.JPG Photo showing crack in the right side base of stove
IMG_0527.JPG Crack on base lip of stove app. 1/8th inch wide at start
IMG_0528.JPG Crack at base of stove extending towards left side of stove.

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