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Hide-Away Bed Railings
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Bed Rails (4075)
Hide-Away Bed Rail 43 6010HD
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Babies R Us
8/15/2011 This date is an estimate
Email to Regalo Company summarizing incident:

I purchased the Double Hide-Away Bed Rails from Babies-R-Us (Wilkes-Barre, PA) back in August or September of 2011, when we were transitioning my then-almost-2-year-old to a bed. They have worked pretty well. The only times I use the hide-away feature is when I change the sheets on the bed - every two weeks or so - so this frequency should not be enough to cause a fatigue failure in the product after less than a year and a half of use. When I was unlatching one of the rails to slide it under the mattress last week, the metal joint between the rail and the wheel that slides in the piece that goes under the mattress failed - totally broke, leaving a large gap between the mattress and rail as well as two very sharp metal "stubs". I was very glad the failure occurred when I was adjusting the railing rather than when my son was getting in or out of bed, because this could have caused him to fall, severely lacerate himself, or get caught between the mattess and railing.

I called your customer service number as instructed on the registration card, and the man was absolutely no help. He repeated that your company offers a 90-day warranty and no more. He offered parts for purchase. That was it. I asked for the name of a supervisor, and he said he could give no contact person for this issue.

I am extremely angered and disappointed by this response from a company whose motto is "For the most important people in the world." I have notified the store manager where I made the purchase, and she planned to take this issue to her managers. Depending on the response I receive from Regalo, I am prepared to contact Babies-R-Us on a corporate level to notify them of the hazardous product they are selling and the lack of concern from the manufacturer. In my opinion, Regalo should replace my product with no questions asked and send me a return label so I can send back the faulty product so you can research the failure and determine if a recall is warranted.
Incident, No Injury
My Child
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Incident, No Injury
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Regalo's Response: " Thank you for your email. No Regalo product has been recalled and as you know they offer a 90 day Limited warranty, not a lifetime warranty. Please send us photos to provide the manufacturing department."

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