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Linear/OSCO model HSLG SN#0005---- Installed after March of 2000, opening/closing aprox 20-foot roller gate, required manufacturer's registered Dealer/installer missed installing Photo eye(s)/Contact safety edge(s) 'secondary entrapment' equipment to reverse the gate is someone became entrapped between the moving gate and a stationary object.
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Fences or Fence Posts (1871)
HSLG 221
Commercial Electric Gate at parking lot of apartment building, missing Manufacturer's required UL325 'secondary entrapment' equipment to reverse the gate if a person becomes entrapped between the moving gate and stationary object. 2-children have been killed in the last 3-years (Toledo OH July 11, 2010, & Brooklyn NY May 5, 2012) from the same poorly installed Electric Gate System.

UL325 requires on CLASS II Roller Gate sites to block or guard all gaps over 2.25-inches and under 16-inches for the first 4-feet from the ground up (minimum safety standards) after March of 2000. The SN#0005 is Manufactured May of 2000. This may be why the required safety equipment was never installed, new to the installer hadn't been trained yet.

I have reported the code violation to the local Building Official but no response or inspection done.

This gate operator (Model Linear/OSCO HSLG) and type gate (Ornamental larger gaps) is what killed the 11-year old [REDACTED] in Toledo OH on July 11, 2010. According to the coroner she was riding the gate when it reversed pulling her into a 5.5-inch space between the Gate and the Operator Box (30"wx36"h).
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11 years
Never had safety equipment installed

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