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Delta Houston Crib N Changer
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Delta Enterprise Corp    
Houston Crib N Changer # 78001-607
My 11 month old baby was put to bed. A couple of hours later we heard her crying when I look to see what was wrong she was standing up with her right leg stuck between the crib's slats. She couldn't take her knee out. It took some lotion and some maneuvering to get her knee free from between the slats. All of these while she was hanging on to the railing and standing up in only her left leg. Her knee was bruised very badly. Keep in mind this happened a couple of more times before as well. As every 11 month old, she's starting to walk now but I noticed that she drags her right leg a little rather than taking a full step. I'm starting to think that this is due to her knee getting stuck in her crib several times and her knee been in some kind of pain. We bought this crib brand new a few months before she was born. I have two older girls and I had never such a dangerous thing happened to any of them with a crib. The crib that we have is a Delta Houston Crib N Changer, style # 78001-607.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
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Comment from Delta Enterprise Corp 9/30/2013
Please be aware that our crib slats adhere to the mandated federal requirements which established the slat dimensions and spacing in order to avoid head entrapment.

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