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Model #: PVM1790SR1SS
Serial #: LZ300280K
Manufactured June 2012
Microwave Ovens (264)
GE Appliances & Lighting    
Specialities Appliances & Plumbing Fixtures
I just spoke with your staff who asked me to submit the following by email which documents recent problems with a microwave and subsequent discussions with General Electric.

Thank you for your review.


Purchased GE electric range August 2, 2013, from Specialties Appliances & Plumbing Fixtures, 2800 West Eleven Mile Road, Berkley, MI 48072 (Phone: 248-548-5656). Invoice #[REDACTED]; ModelPVM1790SRSS (PVM1790S, 1.7 CF SS Profile 1000 Watt Convection OTR Microwave installed September 9, 2012.

INCIDENT: 1-22-2013
Experienced minor head injury at home in kitchen while cleaning around microwave.

I contacted GE Consumer Relations (800-386-1215) on 1-22-2013., Talked with [REDACTED], case manager. Informed her that I had hit/scraped my head on lower exterior metal edges of microwave while cleaning under the cabinets. I
requested that she document my concerns regarding exceptionally sharp and pointed edges on the right and left lower front corners of the microwave. I stated that this was a problem to me and likely a problem other consumers might experience if they had the same product. I also asked if there was an after market fix or remedies for this problem.

[REDACTED] took product info, assigned case #[REDACTED] for reference and told me she would follow up with me in a few days.

GE 1-29-2013 RESPONSE:
I called [REDACTED] on 1-29-2013. She stated that GE reviewed my comments in her report and that GE had issued no alerts as to appliance's sharp edges and that GE did not intend to change or correct the problem I experienced with the product. [REDACTED] repeatedly stated that it was my job to exercise caution when using the microwave and instruct all users as to its hazard.

I then requested GE send a service rep to assess the product. [REDACTED] said that was not necessary and my report to GE was adequate (they took my word) and no further action was required. I repeatedly insisted that GE inspect the microwave. [REDACTED] finally got approval for a service call.

GE service rep ([REDACTED]), tech # [REDACTED], documented range as Model #PUM1790SR1SS, Serial #LZ300280K) in his home visit exit summary (invoice #[REDACTED]). His report states: "Complaint: Edge at LH/RH lower corner sharp. - The construction is to manufacture specs and does not pose a cut hazard unless head is impacted into the area". [REDACTED] took photographs of the microwave.

[REDACTED] said he had never heard of a complaint like this and doubted GE would fix the problem given GE makes thousands of these appliances. [REDACTED] knew of no after market fix, agreed that the edges were a hazard and that customers would have to keep head, hands, arms from contacting the appliance.

[REDACTED] called at 1:20 pm today asking about the rep's visit. I shared info from rep's invoice. [REDACTED] said the case is now closed and I may be sent a customer survey.
The following is a copy of my March 6, 2013 email sent to the State of Michigan as requested by the Attorney General's office. It documents my subsequent discussion with GE on March 6, 2013. The AG's office also requested I submit a complaint to the CPSC. The AG's File # [REDACTED].


[REDACTED] of your office asked that I write to you with a follow up to my initial complaint filed with your office.

[REDACTED], a GE Manager called today and left message at 10:06 am. I returned her call at 1:20 pm (ph # [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] said GE had reviewed my inquiries and my recent complaint filed with your office. [REDACTED] was less than courteous throughout the discussion and was adamant that this was not a GE safety issue. When I asked to speak with her management, the answer was no.

Her statements and my comments follow.

1. She repeatedly stated that the GE safety team and staff engineer had found no faults with the microwave unit in question. GE had looked at similar units and determined that my unit did not present a hazard and met GE's manufacturing specifications.

2. [REDACTED] said GE staff(s) had also reviewed the tech's written assessment of the unit. It was GE's opinion that there was nothing wrong with the unit. My wife and I were present during the tech's visit and he repeatedly told us the unit had sharp edges and was a safety issue. Because this finding was not in the tech's written note, GE is standing by its position that the unit is safe.

3. I asked what GE's opinion was of the photos taken of the unit. [REDACTED] said she did not have the photos nor did she know about the photos taken by the tech. After my verbal insistence that GE should have reviewed the photos, [REDACTED] said she would contact the tech for the photos. Given the tech's visit was 6 weeks ago, [REDACTED] wasn't so sure that photos were even available and repeatedly suggested I take photos and send them to GE. No was my reply and if the photos were not made available by the tech, I said that GE should send the tech back to take additional photos. [REDACTED] said that was certainly not going to happen, that she was not sending anyone from GE to our home to reassess this matter or take photos.

4. She offered, repeatedly, because of my repeated concerns about unit's safety (not unit's performance), to remove and buy back the microwave at our costs. I said no repeatedly and had to remind her this was a safety issue for my family and potentially other GE customers.

5. [REDACTED] also offered some type of coverage to cover medical expenses. I said no, this was not a issue as there was no cut or laceration.

Please call me at [REDACTED] if you need more information.

Thanks for your assistance.

Injury→Injury, Level of care not known

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