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Teavana glass tea infuser/tumbler.
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1/2/2013 This date is an estimate
We have two your glass tea tumblers. At 4 am this morning, an empty tumbler was sitting in my 15 year old son's room and it completely exploded. Glass was spewed all over his room. Had his bookcase not blocked the flying glass pieces, they would have flown into his bed. We have taken video and retained the few large pieces. There was no tea or liquid in the tumbler. Before we report this to the Consumer Protection agency, please advise what you would like us to do.

There appears to be a major design flaw with this tumbler. The only thing we can figure out is that we had a rain storm come through our area at that time which would have resulted in a drop in the barometric pressure. This tumbler made a very loud bang/explosion when it broke apart. Not good. Flying glass is dangerous and can cause serious damage.

The above incident description was sent to the company, Teavana and after waiting a week for a response, we decided it was best to notify the CPSC.

We also forwarded images of the damage caused and a video which can be forwarded to you.
Incident, No Injury
My Child
15 years
Contacted Teavana customer service to advise of the situation and requested what they wanted us to do with the 2nd tumbler we have in our possession.
File NameDescription
IMG_1980_redacted_1.jpg broken glass from tumbler
IMG_1981_redacted_1.jpg broken glass from tumbler
IMG_1982_redacted_1.jpg broken glass from tumbler
IMG_1983_redacted_1.jpg broken glass from tumbler
IMG_1984_redacted_1.jpg broken glass from tumbler
IMG_1985_redacted_1.jpg broken glass from tumbler
IMG_1986_redacted_1.jpg broken glass from tumbler

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