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Graco Lauren Classic Crib, white color
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Graco Lauren Classic Crib
Lauren Classic Crib - model number 1375741
My 15 month old child was placed in his crib at 7:30 pm for bedtime on 3/7/13. He slept uneventfully until 9 pm when I overheard him via the baby monitor to be softly fussing. This lasted intermittently for 4-5 minutes, however, our concerns quickly subsided as he returned to sleep. Then, my child awoke at 12:15 am on 3/8/13 screaming in pain. My wife and I went into bedroom and found our child to have his right leg stuck in the vertical slats of crib at the level of this thigh just above his knee. I repositioned his leg and was able to dislodge it. My child continued screaming in pain. I quickly removed his pajamas to reveal his right leg below the knee to be cold and pallorous with weak palpable distal pulses (checked dorsalis pedis pulse). This is all evidence the leg was not being perfused appropriately. The right leg on the lateral aspects of his thigh just above the knee was edematous with erythematous areas, evidence of where his leg was stuck. Additionally, there were forming black and blue contusions in the same area of the right knee as a result of the soft tissue trauma caused by the crib. I have obtained photo documentation of this.

Somehow this crib is rated as safe. I am a physician and will be following up with local health officials about this. Per this website I see this is not the first time this has happened to a child. My child appeared to make a full recovery with no ill effects and is doing well currently. He does still have bruises on both sides of his knee 1 week later. I will be following up with the CPSC and the maker of this crib via phone.

My child had a sustained soft tissue injury resulting from this crib design. Additionally, it is safe to say that had my child not had the ability to communicate (for example, if he had a tracheostomy, vocal cord paralysis, CP, etc) he likely would have had permanent vascular damage as a result of his leg getting trapped, possibly losing the function of his leg permanently. Clearly, this product is not safe for children once they become mobile in the crib. Of note, I constructed this crib according to specifications and followed the instructions precisely and did not use any out of the box materials.

The concerning part is that after a quick look on the internet, many cribs appear to have the same design with vertical slats that allow children's legs and arms through at certain angles.
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