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Imperial Miracle Bubbles

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Imperial Miracle Bubbles
My 1.5 year old son, was using the Imperial Miracle Bubbles solution. Just like any toddler, he had his lips up next to the ring while he was blowing bubbles. He had an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the solution. My son has no allergies to any food products or other soaps and detergents, so this is highly unusual that he would have an immune response to bubbles. He had red swollen eyes, a bright red rash on the back of his neck and swollen lips.

At first, we were not sure whether the reaction was due to the bubbles or some other factor, but when he tried using the bubbles again a few days later and came up with all of the same symptoms, we knew it was the bubbles.

I called customer support to ask about the contents of their solution. Customer service would not give me the list of the ingredients because they were proprietary. I just wanted to know what may have caused his reaction so that we could avoid products containing those chemicals in the future.

A little more research on the web led me to the list of ingredients

-Norfox 1007p (Proprietary surfactant) (contains 11.2% diethanolamine, a known irritant, carcinogen and teratogen)
-Cellosize- hydroxyethyl cellulose
-Citric Acid (to reduce pH to 8.7, even though on the phone the customer service rep said the pH was 6.5-7.0)

They do not list anywhere what they use as an antimicrobial preservative (This too may have caused an immune response)

Sure the label on bubbles say that they are not for children under 3, but lets be serious, toddlers are going to use bubbles, and all of the chemicals in bubbles should be safe for children of all ages.
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Comment from IMPERIAL TOY LLC 6/12/2013
All Super Miracle Bubbles are tested by various accredited third-party laboratories to ensure they are safe for use by children. While we are aware that children under three years of age may use our product, it is age graded 3+. When we spoke to the consumer, we explained our formula is proprietary, but discussed the various elements of the bubble solution in general terms to be as helpful as possible. The product is not intended for use by children under three years old for various reasons, one being the possibility – however remote – of some type of allergic reaction. Additionally, the formula noted in the consumer's report is not accurate. We have not received any other reports of a similar nature.
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