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LG Front Loading Steam Washer
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LG Electronics, USA    
I currently own an LG front loading washing machine and feel there is potentially a significant safety issue with this machine. When the washer is running there is no override option to get the door open. I have noticed this on several occasions and have had to frustratingly wait until the internal mechanism has cycled down before the door will unlock and open. This time can range from 10 minutes if there is not much water in the washer to significantly longer if there is a good amount of water.

Each time this happens, I immediately think what if someone had an emergency and needed to get the door open because a child or pet had accidentally climbed inside. Unfortunately, there is no override or way to get the door open in an emergency. The parent or pet owner would have to watch helplessly as their child or pet slowly suffocated or drowned in the washer as they waited the allotted time for the machine to cycle down for the door to unlock.

This seems like a huge oversight and massive potential death trap that should be addressed with LG and any other potential front loading washers. I did contact LG and they did not seem very concerned but did file a complaint report for me. They indicated their washers have passed all federal safety inspections. If this is the case, someone wasn't very thorough when they passed the machine when it does not have a safety override to open the door in case of emergency.

All appliances can be a death trap for children and pets getting trapped inside. But to knowingly have a product on the market that locks and has no option to open except to wait for the internal cycle is an accidental death waiting to happen. Please look into requiring the manufacturer to correct this oversight in not only the LG front loading washer, but in all front loading washers that do not offer an option to open the front door during the cycle.

Thank you so much for your time.

Incident, No Injury
I contacted the manufacturer to report the safety issue, but they didn't seem concerned. However, they did file a complaint for me.
Comment from LG Electronics, USA 6/21/2013
LG manufactures this washing machine to meet or exceed all relevant standards including UL2157. LG’s state of the art quality system meets the LG(63)-F0-7001 quality standard. Our process not only rigorously tests to insure the quality of product leaving our factory, but we also carefully monitor how our products perform in use. LG takes very seriously the concerns of our customers and uses such feedback on an on-going basis to evaluate and improve our products. Consumers desiring more information about their washing machines should either visit our website at or call our toll free number: 1-800-243-0000.

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