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Swirling Sea Glass Vessel Sink - Bathroom
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We purchased a "Swirling Sea Glass Vessel Sink" on 3/11/2012 from Décor Planet. It was installed by a licensed plumber.

On Saturday, 6/15/2013, the installed "Swirling Sea Glass Vessel Sink" exploded. I had just walked out of the bathroom and could feel shards of glass hitting my back as glass flew in every direction. The vessel sink literally exploded, making a very large noise, like a gun shot. Glass shards and tiny glass fragments were sprayed all around the bathroom and out into the hallway. The flying glass chipped surrounding wall tiles, damaged the [REDACTED] counter top and surrounding walls. There was glass everywhere.

Luckily no one was close enough to the exploding sink to be injured by the glass. I am assuming from the distance glass flew and the force of impact into walls and tiles, that the incident could have caused serious injury.

I contacted the vendor and was led to believe the explosion of the sink was a very unique occurrence. The vendor indicated that this could only have been caused by a bad installation. However, I questioned why the sink would literally blow up and not just crack from a faulty install. So, I did some research and have come up with the following reference links, including uTube video of a similar incident and numerous accounts of the same thing happening. Also included are some analyses from engineers as to why these Glass Vessel Sinks may spontaneously explode. Bottom line, as far as I can see, is that this product is not safe.

Incident, No Injury
61 years
I have a bucket full of glass - what remains of the Vessel Sink
File NameDescription
IMG00064-20130615-1102.jpg After the Sink Exploded
IMG00063-20130615-1102.jpg Glass knocked basket off of tub
IMG00065-20130615-1102.jpg Glass in and on Toilet
IMG00066-20130615-1103.jpg Glass on Bathroom Floor
{redacted} Phone 11 Nov 2012 1034.jpg Before Installation

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