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Graco Stanton Convertible Crib in Classic White
Model # 6816029
PO # 5911
Vendor # 53
Production Date 8/20/2010
Nursery Equipment & Supplies
Nonportable Cribs (1543)
We purchased a Graco brand crib at Wal-Mart on 8/8/2011. My toddler keeps getting his legs stuck in between the slats up above the knee which causes him extreme pain and bruising which continues to be sore for days. The slats are very flexible even though the company claims the crib meets all federal guidelines. I was told by the company today (6/21/2013) there is nothing they can recommend and to contact the CPSC if I was still concerned because the CPSC passed the crib as safe.
This happened to my child once when he was about 14 months old and several times since. He is now 19 months old and average weight and height for his age and definitely not ready to be moved out of his crib. He is my third child and we used a different crib with the other two children and this is the only crib that has such flexible slats. I never had issues with the older two getting their legs stuck and bruising badly.
I do not feel a bumper pad would do much benefit and would potentially be something for him to climb on top of to climb or fall out of the crib. The slats are flexible enough that you can push on them and they bend or warp.

I have pictures of his leg being stuck and then the bruising from two different days.

Graco brand
Stanton covertible crib in classic white
Model # 68916029
PO# 5911
Vendor 53
Production Date 8/20/10
purchased online at 8/8/2011

Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
My Child
1 years 7 months
We are still using the crib as it's the only crib we have. I contacted the manufacturer today and they told me that the crib meets all federal government regulations for safety and that the CPSC passed the crib and if I still have concerns to contact you
File NameDescription
photo-37.JPG bruise on inner side of left leg incident date 6/16/13
photo-36.JPG crib
photo-35.JPG left leg stuck in crib slats incident date 6/21/13
photo-34.JPG top view of left leg stuck in crib slats above the knee incident date 6/21/13
photo-38.JPG manufacturers label on crib
photo-33.JPG manufacturers label on crib
photo-39.JPG bruise on knee cap and outer side of left leg incident date 6/16/13

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