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Fold down half gate crib
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4792-3, number 253 in Chestnut
Caller is owner of two Daycare locations and has been a daycare owner for the past 18yrs.

She replaced her old cribs with cribs purchased October 25th, 2012/manufactured January 12, 2012

Caller has one yr old in her daycare that has literally eaten bites out of the slats and top bar of crib.
Caller states that these are not gnawing or chewing marks, they are bite marks.
She is reporting that these new cribs have much softer wood that could result in children choking if wood becomes swallowed or caught in throat.

She has four of these cribs with two at one location and two at the second location.
One has never been used, one has been used by new infant, the third has a couple of chewing marks but this one is only at the daycare six hours per week over periods of two days per week.

Caller would like for an investigator to examine this crib and the wood with which it is manufactured before there are injuries.

UPDATE 10/15/13:
Bits of wood is now being found on the floor under the crib. More destruction and missing wood is taking place.

UPDATE 10/23/13:
Since that report and my other update earlier this month, I wanted to share my current experience of disassembling the Infinity cribs. We have not used them in awhile because of the safety concerns already stated; however, I thought you should also know what I discovered when I went to place these in storage today.
1. One of the cribs' two fastening screws that attach the left side panel to the front panel were not being gripped by the wood. They just slid out without the need to unscrew them. Again, I believe this is an indication of soft wood.
2. The other crib's spring mattress support was bent over 1.5" in the frame that runs along the back of the crib. It was concave. I thought this was one of the main changes with the new Federal regulations that changed to higher strengths??
I have attached the photos of these issues.
Incident, No Injury
Comment from BABY'S DREAM FURNITURE, INC. 12/9/2013
Baby's Dream Furniture tried to resolve this problem with the consumer, [REDACTED], to no availability.

[REDACTED] purchased four Infinity Safety-Gate crib(s) manufactured by Baby’s Dream Furniture, from Lullabye Shop—an independent retailer in its area within the state of Wisconsin. These cribs were purchased on October 19, 2012.
Early July, 2013, [REDACTED] contacted [REDACTED], a former employee of Baby’s Dream in charge of customer service and complaints, by phone leaving a voice message that was returned a few days later. [REDACTED] had explained to [REDACTED] that because the child/children placed in the crib had used their teeth to chew through the wooden rail of the crib [REDACTED] had purchased, the crib should be replaced at our expense because it was still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

[REDACTED] felt that the structural integrity of the cribs was a hazard and that the type of wood used in making the cribs was to soft presenting a choking or ingestion hazard when infants chewed on the cribs. There were no injuries associated with this incident. [REDACTED] asked [REDACTED] to send pictures of the damage so that we could determine if the damage is of concern and under warranty.

Since we had not received any photography from [REDACTED] we did not pursue this matter. On August 13, 2013, [REDACTED] had contacted [REDACTED] through e-mail. At the time this happened, [REDACTED] was no longer working for the company and her e-mail was not being monitored as it was due to be erased from our system. That’s when [REDACTED] contacted [REDACTED], our Marketing, Safety & Design Director, in relation to this issue by phone on October 14, 2013. She then forwarded the e-mails that she had previously sent [REDACTED] to [REDACTED] inbox. This time, [REDACTED] wanted a full refund for the purchase of the cribs and provided purchase receipts in the e-mail to [REDACTED].

[REDACTED] explained the issue and concern of [REDACTED] to us in regards to the damages and Baby’s Dream Warranty. Baby’s Dream Warranty states the following:

"Baby's Dream Limited Warranty covers original purchases against manufacturing defects in all crib hardware, joints, bolts and mechanical devices. Defective hardware will be repaired or replaced free of charge for 2 years for cribs and 1 year for case pieces. We warrant that wood parts of the cribs and case pieces will be free of manufacturing defects in either workmanship or materials for 1 year after the original purchase date with required original receipt. If a replacement is necessary and your product is no longer available, a comparable product will be substituted as long as it’s within warranty.

If a crib has been converted to a toddler or adult bed, the warranty is void if the consumer is trying to use the bed as a crib again. Our assembly instructions specifically stat that if a crib has been converted to a youth bed or adult bed it is not intended to be used as a crib again.

Moreover, if a crib was manufactured before June 27, 2011, warranty is void for the crib and toddler conversion as Baby’s Dream Furniture can’t sell or shop hardware or parts for these cribs according to government standards set in 2011. For more information, click the following link" target="_blank">; For future purchases, the warranty is null if government standards change and dictate otherwise."

Unfortunately, [REDACTED]'s warranty claim for the cribs was denied as we do not agree that a child going through the normal teething stage, who naturally will try to bite and chew anything it can place in his/her mouth, is a result of manufacturing defect, covered under the warranty, which covers only manufacturing defects, and not abuse of the product. All Baby’s Dream products go through extensive government testing to include testing done by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).
We think that a child’s parent/care giver should have been supervising and preventing the child from chewing on the cribs wooden rails. They should have provided the child with appropriate teething toys and rings readily available in stores. Moreover, [REDACTED], being an in-home daycare business for 18 years, should know of the damage children can cause to cribs and other items during the teething stage; and as thus, should’ve prevented any damage by purchasing teething crib rail covers, such as [REDACTED], readily available online or at most baby supply stores.

Furthermore, we tried our best to provide [REDACTED] with a different solution. After denying her claim, we did offer to replace all four cribs with 7000 cribs in snowdrift, made of a different wood than the Radiata Pine used in the Infinity Safety-Gate Cribs. [REDACTED] denied this offer as she stated that she wanted a crib of a natural color so that when the children bit at it, the marks would not be so noticeable. Unfortunately, we did not have any cribs with a natural finish in stock to offer her and it would be early next year before we had any in stock. We tried offering another finish we had in stock, Espresso, which [REDACTED] denied for the same reasons.
[REDACTED], again, stated that she wanted a full refund of the cribs because she did not want the replacement we were offering. We counter offered her claim by offering 50% of the total purchase price as again this is not covered in our warranty. [REDACTED] denied the 50% refund and stated that she would go ahead and take us to trial regarding this issue.

[REDACTED] denied all offers stated above and then left a voice mail on October 21, 2013 stating that if the offer was still on the table, she would like to take the replacement cribs we had previously offered. After doing some research, [REDACTED] then decided she no longer wanted the replacement cribs because of the type of wood the 7000 cribs were made of, hardwood Poplar.

We care about our customers, we did our best to cater [REDACTED]’s claim and make her as happy as possible within certain limits, as Baby’s Dream did not agree to the warranty claim [REDACTED] stated. [REDACTED] also failed to mention that she had taken the cribs apart and noticed the screws not attached to the wood. She stated that on October 23, 2013 on this report and she was still in contact with Baby's Dream until October 24, 2013 through e-mail and phone.

If [REDACTED] would've mentioned this to us, we would've found a different resolution. A court trial is being placed in motion to find a solution to this.

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