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Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker
2nd degree burns on the fingertips of my left hand.

I was showing my daughter that the top of the rice cooker gets a little bit warm when it is on. At the time I placed my hand on the top of the cooker there was invisible steam coming out of a vent and it burned my finger.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
62 years
Comment from Zojirushi America Corporation 8/5/2013
We are sorry to hear that this customer burned his finger while showing his daughter our NS-ZCC10/18 Rice Cooker. We hope he has a swift and complete recovery.

We are also disappointed, however, that he did not heed the warnings we posted, both in our Operating Instructions manual and on the rice cooker itself, to avoid coming into contact with the steam vent.

Because the boiling water inside the rice cooker will eventually evaporate and turn to steam, there needs to be a vent for that steam to escape.

Without a vent, the pent up steam would continue to grow in intensity, causing a buildup of pressure that could eventually lead to a dangerous explosion of the rice cooker itself. The steam vent on the NS-ZCC10/18 is necessary to ensure this never happens.

Every NS-ZCC10/18 that is sold comes with an Operating Instructions manual which instructs users how to operate the rice cooker safely. The first part of the manual focuses solely on safety precautions and safeguards when using the rice cooker.

The first page, or cover of the manual, begins by advising the reader to “Always follow basic safety precautions when using electrical appliances. Read all instructions carefully. Please keep this instruction book handy for easy reference.”
On page 2 of the booklet, a list of “Important Safeguards” appears, including one that cautions users: “Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs. Do not close or clog steam vent opening under any circumstance.”

On page 4, a Do Not Touch symbol appears with the following warning: “Do not touch steam vent. Doing so may cause burns or scalding. Take special precautions with children and infants. “

In addition to these warnings in the Operating Instructions manual, the rice cooker also comes with a CAUTION label posted right above the steam vent itself. The second of the three-bullet-point CAUTION label on the rice cooker reads: “Never touch the area near the steam vent with your bare hand during the cooking or warming process. Do not cover the area with a cloth.”

It is unfortunate that all of these warnings and cautions were apparently ignored by the customer at the time of the incident. It is our sincere hope that he may pay closer attention to them in the future to avoid putting himself—or anyone else—in danger.
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Caution Above Vent.JPG Caution Warning Appearing Above Steam Vent
Caution Warning.JPG Wording of Caution Above Steam Vent

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