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halogen light bulbs
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FEIT Electric Company
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1/18/2011 This date is an estimate
(08/06/2013) The consumer stated that the bulb was in a four-bulb lamp in the kitchen underneath the overhead cabinets. The lamp had been on for about two hours. The consumer stated the bulb exploded and made a loud bang and destroyed the diffuser underneath the four bulbs. Little pieces of glass was scattered all over the counter. No one was injured. The consumer stated that he has about 20 of the bulbs in lamps in the kitchen area.

The consumer stated that he first contacted the manufacturer about 20 months ago. He was sent a couple of replacement bulbs. The consumer stated that he contacted the manufacturer 8/7/2013. He was advised that he may have had a power surge. he did not get the name of the person he spoke with. "customer service"
Incident, No Injury
Comment from Feit Electric Company, Inc. 9/20/2013
We have been producing halogen light bulbs for many years and we take product safety issues very seriously. We have no known safety issues with any of our halogen light bulbs. When lit, halogen light bulbs operate at a high heat, which is normal. This is accompanied with pressure inside the quartz glass tube. If a bulb is damaged, it is possible for the heat and corresponding pressure to result in it bursting. Damages can occur during production, shipping, handling, or during use.
A halogen bulb that has accumulated film, dust, dirt, oils, or has been splashed with liquids can cause a “hot spot” on the glass surface that could also result in a bulb bursting.
It is possible that the bulb identified in this complaint shorted out inside the socket. Additionally, it is possible there may be an electrical, engineering, or wiring defect in the light fixture that caused the bulb to short and/or burst. It is possible that the incorrect bulb or incorrect wattage bulb was being used in the consumer’s light fixture. Without the ability to evaluate both the subject bulb and fixture together, we are not able to comment further.
Feit Electric Company welcomes your questions or concerns regarding our products. Please call our consumer service department toll free Monday through Friday, 8-5 Pacific Time at 800-543-3348. You may also reach us via email at: Please also visit our website:

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