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The crib is a white with fixed sides and it converts to a toddler bed and a full size frame. It is a storkcraft and the name is Sheffield
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8/17/2012 This date is an estimate
Early yesterday morning my daughter got her leg stuck through the crib and between the crib and the wall. I went to get her unstuck but since the crib is lowered all the way (she can stand up) and I am short I had to lean on the crib a bit to reach her. As I was trying to get her leg out I heard a loud pop and noticed the top rail of the crib cracked, and is close to breaking in half. Since my daughter can stand there's a risk of her pinching her hand or her mouth (since she's teething and always putting chewing on things) or worse, putting enough pressure on it while she stands to break it in half completely. I have contacted the manufacturer several times as my daughter now has no bed of her own and they don't seem to understand the severity of this case as they have not yet responded and told me to wait. I'm not fat, I only weight about 115 pounds so it shouldn't have broken so easily. I have friends who said they sit on the rails of their kids' cribs and have had no issue. Me slightly leaning on it causing it to break is ridiculous!
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I still have it and have contacted the manufacturer but they are being slow to give me a response. I'm not sure what to do with it but I don't want my daughter sleeping in it in this condition and honestly I don't want to use it ever again
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broken crib.jpg crack in the crib
crib info.jpg manufacturer info on crib
crib.jpg crib when we bought it last year

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