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* This is a duplicate of the report I sent by email. The email has pictures*

This is regarding an extremely hazardous defect in a portable generator: a MP5500DF 6000 Dual Fuel Generator by MuitiPower Inc ( and sold by Home Depot (

The Dual Fuel generator operates on either gasoline or LP (Liquid Propane).

The generator is HY188FD*F8002127*, manufactured 2010-10-19.

Although I bought it around February 2012 I have used it only for periodic testing for a total running time of about 5 hours.

The defect is that the hose (about 16ā€ long) between the pressure regulator and the carburetor has developed cracks that cause the propane to leak. There are many cracks in the middle of the hose, and the end of the hose connected to the pressure regulator has cracked open completely.

The hose appears to be a standard gasoline hose. From what I have read, using gasoline hose for propane is a real No No. The use of a gasoline hose causes exactly the cracks that my hose has developed. (The ends of the hose are secured with standard worm-screw band clamps.)

When I started the generator around August 11 (on propane) it ran rough and then stopped. Around August 18 I checked the oil, the spark plug, and the air filter. They were all fine. That is when I noticed that the hose was cracked.

The fact that it ran rough (for a while) means that it was leaking propane.

This thing could have exploded and killed me.

When I called the MultiPower Inc phone number (1-877-968-3733) I got an intercept message saying, ā€œIā€™m sorry, you have dialed a number that cannot be reached from your calling area.ā€ I can call Japan from my phone. The message that that I cannot call MultiPower Inc (in Kansas) is BS.

On August 19 and August 21 I spent a total of over two hours on the phone with various associates of Home Depot, telling them about this severely hazardous safety defect. (The last one was [REDACTED] at the Home Depot Atlanta Headquarters.) No one was willing to do anything.

And they are still selling this generator on their Web site:

Please do something about this ASAP. This generator can kill people.


Incident, No Injury
63 years
I still have the generator. Am looking for a propane-rated replacement hose.
File NameDescription
image001.jpg Cracks in middle of 16" Hose
image002.jpg The end connected to the Pressure Regulator is completely cracked open
image003.jpg Comparison of 16" Hose to Long Hose going to the Propane Tank
image004.jpg Markings on Long Hose to the Propane Tank
image005.jpg Fitting on the Pressure Regulator
image007.jpg Fitting on the Carburetor

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