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Jardine Enterprises LTD Bergamo Americana Lifetime 4-in-1 Crib in Espresso, Model #Dj203B4Cop1
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6/10/2010 This date is an estimate
I purchased this crib in 2010 for my first son, who was due in October. It was initially a great crib. However, once my son began to roll around, he managed to get his legs, knees, and arms stuck in the slats on multiple occasions. After realizing this wasn't a fluke, I decided to take the crib apart and put my son in his [playpen] to sleep. Since it's a "lifetime" crib, I later converted it to the toddler bed. My thinking was, he would be okay since he was older. I was WRONG. My son, at 3 years old, was screaming bloody murder tonight. I ran into his bedroom to discover that, in his sleep, he had gotten his ankle stuck between the slats. He cried for 20 minutes, his foot was swollen and he limped when attempting to walk. This is UNACCEPTABLE. It has been taken apart and my son is on his mattress in the floor now. I feel foolish for giving it a second chance in the toddler bed; angry for spending so much money on a crib that promised a lifetime of safe use. I can't believe this crib hasn't been recalled. I still have all of my paperwork from my purchase, so maybe I need to knock on a few doors and get my money back/a new convertible crib. DO NOT BUY.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
My Child
3 years
I have the product and plan on contacting the manufacturer to make them aware of their negligence.
Comment from Jardine Enterprises 11/19/2013
Thank you for posting your comments. We take these matters very seriously and appreciate consumer feedback. We regret that you have encountered this issue, but it is important to note that this crib has been fully tested by a 3rd-party testing laboratory and meets all regulations, including the requirement for slat spacing. All cribs on the market will have very similar spacing, and as with all cribs that have openings created by slat spacing, there is always a small risk the legs going through the opening.

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