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LG French Door Refrigerator
Model: LFX25960ST
Serial #: 609KRJU03804

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LG Electronics, USA    
LG French Door Refrigerator
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11/24/2006 This date is an estimate
Thursday November 28, 2013

LG Refrigerator LFX25960ST
Serial # 609KRJU03804

Just an hour ago I opened the door to my LG Refrigerator, to an acrid odour of plastic melting. The two bulb light assembly was extremely hot to touch and the heat was so bad the left screw that secures the housing to the ceiling of the refrigerator had melted through and the assembly was hanging down about a half an inch. I went to un-screw the bulbs and the right screw also gave way. Both bulbs have been removed but the unit is sitting on my top shelf, dangling from a wire harness.

Had I not awaken at 0200 to use the restroom and have a drink a fire surely would have ensued. Had I not been home for the Thanksgiving Holiday, a fire surely would have ensued.

Near as I can tell, the bulbs did not go off when the doors were closed as when I depress the left and right door button simultaneously the bulbs remain lighted.

Not only do I need to purchase a new refrigerator at an expense of $2500.00 with short notice during the Thanksgiving Holiday, I also am now forced to replace all of my food in my refrigerator due to the extreme temperature they were exposed to as well as everything in my refrigerator smelling of burned and melted plastic.

Incident, No Injury
37 years
Planning on also filing a report with LG USA Customer Service
Comment from LG Electronics, USA 12/9/2013
LG manufactures this refrigerator to meet or exceed all relevant standards including UL250. LG’s state of the art quality system meets the LG(61)-F0-4047 quality standard. Our process not only rigorously tests to insure the quality of product leaving our factory, but we also carefully monitor how our products perform in use. LG takes very seriously the concerns of our customers and uses such feedback on an on-going basis to evaluate and improve our products. Consumers desiring more information about their refrigerators should either visit our web site at or call our toll free number: 1-800-243-0000.
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