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General Electric Stove Model #JBS17GR2AD. It is black with almond.
Electric Ranges or Ovens (Excl Counter-top Ovens) (278)
GE Appliances & Lighting    
General Electric
We have a General Electric Stove Model #JBS17GR2AD. Approximately 3:30 a.m. on December 25, 2013, I was awakened by a smell burning my nose. I got up and walked into my kitchen to smoke. I pinpointed the smell to my oven. I opened up my oven door to discover that the lower burner was on. A couple of seconds later the pan of oil, that I normally just stick inside, burst into flames. I got the pan out of the oven, the handle broke and the grease and fire fell to the floor and spread the fire further. The pan landed flat on my vinyl flooring with the oil still burning inside causing the floor to melt causing excessive smoke and smell. After calling 911, we were able to put out the fire. No dials were turned on to the oven. The oven came on by it's self and was extremely hot well above the broil point as it melted the pan handle causing it to break off. We was able to turn off the electric and allowed it to cool down. We then turned it back on and the stove continued to heat up again. It will not shut off. We unplugged the stove. A couple days later, we plugged the oven back up and it continued to do the same thing. We were very lucky, the only injuries I received was a burn to my hand and foot.

Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
47 years
We still have the stove, not using it. I would like to contact them just not sure how.

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