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Peg perego prima pappa high chair

Model number
Nursery Equipment & Supplies
High Chairs (1555)
My son fell and hit his eye on the pegs that hold the high chair tray on the legs while in storage. The high chair was standing up ready for use when he fell and it cut his eye lid. An adult was present at the time. I contacted the manufacturer and after several days [REDACTED] replied with " Sorry for the slow response---we were closed two days due to a snow emergency travel ban.
We are sorry to hear that your son was injured.  We hope that he is feeling better now.
We do not have any other reports of accidents like the one that involved your son.  
The high chair meets or exceeds all mandatory and voluntary safety standards.
We certainly feel badly for your son, but based on the fact that there are no other reports of anything like your son’s accident or anything similar to the accident, it appears this was an unfortunate accident and an isolated incident." It wont let me upload a picture of my sons eye because i am on my phone but even after several days it is still bruised,swollen and has a cut. This is definitely a safety concern and i want other parents to know about it and if it happened to them to report it also. When i researched if it happened to anyone else i found oit that chiccos high chair had been recalled for the same reason so why is this high chair not being recalled.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
My Child
1 years 3 months
They pretty much apologized and said their high chair was fine but i believe it needs to be recalled or i must have a defected product
Comment from PEG PEREGO,U.S.A.,INC. 1/16/2014
As we explained to [REDACTED], we do not have any other reports of this type of accident with our high chairs. We track all incident reports and look for patterns related to our products. We feel badly that [REDACTED]'s child was injured.

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