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Memory foam mattress; Queen Tempur(Pedic) contour signature
Warranty claim #[REDACTED] phone 800-753-1130
Purchased directly from Tempur-Pedic 2005
Warranty (see above serial number) exchange recieved and approved. Mattress delivered to consumer's home January 4, 2014

Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Bedroom, Bedding & Bath
Nonbaby Mattresses (4009)
Tempur Pedic    
Contuor Signature
The consumer ordered the mattress in 2005. The consumer received a replacement from the manf in Dec 2013.

The consumer stated that the mattress is off gassing chemicals. The consumer believes the smell could be from formaldehyde or its derivative.

The consumer has not been able to use the mattress. The consumer stated that he has tried to use it few times, but he gets health hazards from it.

The consumer has had headaches, fatigue, and tingling in the body after sleeping on the mattress.

The consumer stated that is seems to effect his respiratory and immune system.

The consumer stated he has spoke to the manf. The consumer stated that they are willing to exchange the mattress but with no guarantee that the smell would stop.

This law firm
Allen Stewart P.C.
325 North St. Paul St. Suite 4000
Dallas, Texas 75201
has investigated TempurPedic mattresses and has found formaldehyde etc in TempurPedic mattresses. They have a class action going on concerning this.

Additional details: Consumer can still 4/5 2014 not use the mattress due to strong off gassing and the bedroom is closed off and only entered when items in the room need to be picked up etc.

Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
70 years
Comment from Tempur Pedic 4/17/2014
Tempur-Pedic takes its product safety responsibilities seriously and thus offers products only of the highest quality. Our products meet, or exceed, all applicable requirements and industry standards. Despite the fact that this complainant was not the original purchaser of the product, and despite the fact that it was many years old, we generously replaced, at no charge, the product in question. Tempur-Pedic would, however, be willing to retrieve and dispose of the mattress at the request of the complainant.

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