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7ft step ladder
Home Maintenance and Structures
Stepladders (618)
Louisville Ladder
9/3/2011 This date is an estimate
Caller stated that while using the 7 ft step ladder with the extender bar to trim a tree, he reached for a branch and then it twisted and bent, he fell backwards 3-4 feet to the cement sidewalk. In falling, he used his hand to break his fall which caused his left wrist to fracture. He drove to the Skyridge hospital in Long tree Colorado. The medical professionals took X-rays and he was diagnosed of a fractured wrist and a crushed socket. He was scheduled for surgery a few days later a metal plate had to be inserted in his wrist.

(9/2012) Caller contacted the manufacturer and he was referred to their engineer, who sent him a video of how sturdy the ladder was and that the extender bar was not necessary. He was informed that he used the ladder incorrectly and the ladder was not inadequate.

Caller feels that the ladder and extender is a safety hazard and should be recalled.

Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
68 years
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