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Nursery Equipment & Supplies
Portable Cribs (1529)
Dream On Me
Manufacturer code - BLY
June 2013 
New York
Caller purchased a porta-crib October 27th, 2013 and had no problems until February 17th, 2014 when she heard her baby daughter crying.
She reached to pick her 13 month old daughter up but saw that the baby's right leg was caught between the bars up to above her knee and could not get loose.
The caller was afraid the baby mights break her leg due to panic and thrashing around trying to remove her leg from between the slats.
The caller was at her mothers and fathers house and yelled for help thinking that there was a possibility that the slats were cutting the circulation off in her daughters leg.
When they could not loosen the baby's leg from between the slats within a few moments the caller's father got a saw and sawed the slats to release the baby's leg.
When they removed the baby from the porta-crib her right leg was very red but not injured.
The caller treated her baby's leg with ice packs.

No physician was involved
She contacted the manufacturer on March 19th, 2014 and spoke with [REDACTED] who took a report but did not provide a report number.
He did ask if this caller would like for the manufacturer to send her replacement slats to which she replied that she did not because she had no intention of using the product again.
She put the porta-crib outside for refuse pick up when the incident happened.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
My Child
1 years 1 months
Comment from DREAM ON ME 4/24/2014
We at Dream On Me are sorry for the trouble you had with the crib and thank god your child is safe and unharmed.
the slats on all our cribs are up to regulations, it's unfortunate that kids can still get their hands or legs caught.
we will contact the customer.

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