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I came in to get my 15 month old twins once I heard them up and stirring from their afternoon naps all to find one of my boys surrounded by vomit that included a giant screw mixed in it. Turns out the screw came loose from his crib, and he must have nearly choked on it. After further investigating, we later found two other loose screws in another corner of the crib and a third had fell off. His brother has the same crib and for some reason, all of the screws on his were tightly secure.

Even though the manual says to check the screws manually, there shouldn't be any screws in any location where my baby could access them in the first place. The idea of screws on the interior of the crib where a parent might not notice them getting loose but a baby can get their hands on them is very scary.

FYI: These are the model cribs we have, which were purchased from Cribs to College in Naperville.
Incident, No Injury
My Child
1 years 3 months
I had From Cribs to College come inspect it and tighten the screws. The crib rail was lowered after purchase, but we made sure the screws were tight.
Comment from PALI DESIGN INC 4/10/2014
We thank the consumer for submitting the report and are relieved that nothing serious occurred.
We would like to underline that fact that all Pali cribs always conformed to the applicable regulations of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and pass all the required tests in the industry. As a consequence, all product dimensions comply with all safety standards. Besides that, the structural design of our cribs, along with the location of the hardware (eg. the bolts), is just like the great majority of the cribs in the market.
This is the very first time we hear a case of bolts coming off apparently so easy.
When we were contacted by the consumer we called the store where the crib had been purchased (Cribs to College in Naperville, IL). The store told us they sent an employee to the consumer’s house to verify what happened and to make sure that the crib was safe. When the store employee saw that the bolts where put in the wrong place, the consumer’s husband admitted having made a mistake in assembling the crib. The consumer’s husband also said that “It is not a big deal”. Nevertheless, the store employee solved the issue by properly tightening the bolts in the right position. As far as we know nothing else happened.
We are proud of the quality record of our furniture and make all efforts to offer our customers superior safety products.
Thank you very much.

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