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Ad Tech Hi Temp 40 Watt Glue Gun, Full Size
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Ad Tech Hi Temp Glue Gun 40 Watt
I would like to report a faulty glue gun by the company AD TECH. The type is the Hi Temp, 40 Watt model.
I need to use a glue gun for my work. This is the FOURTH Ad Tech glue gun I've had that has shorted out and caught on fire, over a span of about 3 years.
I leave the glue gun plugged in for about an hour at a time, and I always use the proper glue sticks. Nowhere on the package insert does it say how long of a time to leave the gun plugged in, so I assume this is alright.
After a few weeks of usage, I notice a pattern. There is a black rubber piece inside the gun, which keeps the glue stick away from the heating element inside. Over time, this piece begins to weaken, and when it finally breaks, the hot glue touches the inner heating element, which results in an electrical shortage. I have always been right next to the gun when this happens, and it trips the breaker every time, and I've noticed a burst of flame appear from the gun.
Whenever this happens, I always need to buy a replacement glue gun, and unfortunately, the nearest store only carries Ad Tech guns. This is why I've witnessed FOUR glue gun failures, because I'm stuck buying the same brand. The only other store that carries glue guns is one hour away. I would like to add that I have gone through probably 8-10 guns in the past 3 years, but not all of them resulted in an electrical shortage. Only four have done this, but the rest begin to have the same problems, with glue jamming, and I usually just throw them away before they finally break and catch fire.
These glue guns are a faulty, dangerous product, and I do believe they should be recalled.
Incident, No Injury
33 years
I still have this product, because I would like to return it for a refund. I did contact the manufacturer.
Comment from Adhesive Technologies 5/23/2014
AdTech remains committed to maintaining the safety of its products, which have an excellent safety record.

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