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Fisher Price rock ' n ' play sleeper
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Fisher Price
Fisher Price rock ' n ' play sleeper
I was messaged by my sister in law today about the recall on the Fisher Price rock 'n' play sleeper. The report stated mold issues and could cause respiratory issues. My son has had breathing problems for the past few months he sounds congested and even has periods in his sleep that he stops breathing. We have consulted out doctor and found it not to be sleep apnea and even treated for possible reflux but that didn't work. Seemed that we couldn't find the cause. As soon as I got the message about the recall I called my husband and had him pull the top piece off and check. What he found mortified and disgusts me. His sleeper is full of mold! I've taken pictures and will be making an appointment first thing tomorrow to make sure there's no serious issues of this extensive mold exposure. As a parent it is a sickening feeling knowing I was subjecting my infant son to such a disgusting thing.
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20140611_185242.jpg mold growing on inside liner and plastic base

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