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Brand name - evenflo make/ model - exersaucer baby active fall hazard due to structural design of pillars
Nursery Equipment & Supplies
Baby Exercisers (1520)
Evenflo Company, Inc.    
4/16/2014 This date is an estimate
Evenflo exersaucer baby active fall hazard. My 6 month old daught was in her bouncer and the tabs the lock the 3 pillars in place had given way. The pillars popped out of the base of the exersaucer and the lower portions fell inward while the weight of the upper portion of the exersaucer and my daughteds weight fell down nearly crushing her lower body. Shes not incredibly active so she doesnt stree the locking tabs as my son had done with the one we bought for him. Im a mechanic and insist on double checking my work when assembling everything. Approximately 3 months have passed with this object was being used. I ensured the tabs and other locking mechanisms where properly in place befor use, and as I had put it back together when it broke, the tabs would not lock, then it fell apart without the babys weight. This product is unsafe as the structural design is only made to last a short time period. Please figure this situation out befor any children get hurt.
Incident, No Injury
My Child
0 years 6 months
I still havent taken the item to the trash as rdporting it took precidence immediately after pulling my child for the object.
Comment from Evenflo Company, Inc. 7/15/2014
Although this consumer did not provide specific product information, the Exersaucer activity centers are all designed and tested by a third party to ensure they meet the structural integrity and stability requirements of the ASTM F2012 and applicable federal safety standards. A properly assembled pylon locked into place will not fold during use, as described by this consumer. Evenflo does not believe that the Exersaucer presents a safety hazard to children when properly assembled and used pursuant to the instructions provided with the
product. Evenflo is unable to contact this consumer, however, as he did not provide contact information; so the company is unable to inspect the product or investigate this incident further.

Evenflo encourages all consumers with feedback or questions about the use and proper assembly of our products to contact our ParentLink consumer resource center at 1-800-233-5921 or

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