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Healthtex White close-toed "fisherman" sandals with leather punched flowers stitched on.
Clothing and Accessories
Shoes and other Footwear
Footwear (1615)
Walmart Stores Inc.    
6/6/2014 This date is an estimate
My daughter was strapped in her carseat while I was driving, she was wearing a white pair of closed-toed Healthtex sandals that were purchased at Walmart. They are adorned with white leather punched out flowers. Apparently she was able to pull one of the flowers off of the shoe while I was driving and decided to put it in her mouth. I found her with the flowers in her mouth when we arrived at home and I went to remove her from her carseat. She is 22 months old, and I feel that this could have posed a choking hazard. While she was unharmed a child could easily choke on them, and it concerns me that she was able to break the stitching on them that easily.
Incident, No Injury
My Child
1 years 10 months
I notified Healthtex of the incident earlier today
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